About Us

Terra Manna features nature as its centerpiece. Less structure and generous space treat you to a breathless view of the four-hectare resort cum nature garden in 360 degrees. The westward view overlooks the sleepy Tañon Strait. To the east, a mesmerizing view of Badian’s blue-ridge heights awaits. The tropical year-round weather lavishes guests to enjoy every moment of their stay at Terra Manna.  From snorkeling to trekking, painting to stargazing, or simply finding a place to be alone and meditate, Terra Manna is a place to relax, refresh and reacquaint with nature.

The place is not only a quaint refuge for the contemplative or solitary. terra Manna is also an amazing find for families, friends or couples who seek a blissful retreat to build new or nurture old realationships. We have dedicated a great portion of the place as “active zones” where team-building activities and learning sessions can be held privately. Its jagged topography lures the adventurous while its themed gardens enchant lovers to pictureque view of the tender sunset. At night, gather round the campfire to roast marshmallows or hotdogs; share stories or serenade the night away with you brown guitar.

Come to Terra Manna – a land that time forgot!


Terra Manna endeavors to impart the meaning of sustainability to our guests as a socially responsible resort. We have purposely allocated a liberal space for guests to appreciate the impact and benefits of organic farming in this age of pesticides and petroleum-based fertilizers.


Fresh organic vegetables and fruits as a part of a meal served at our restaurant is just a way for us to let our guests savor the benefits of our healthy foods.


The natural warmth of the Filipino brand of hospitality defines the level of personal service of our staff. Work done with the heart ensures that you get the comfort and convenience you deserve wherever you are in the resort. Whatever concerns you have, we are ready to assist and watch over you day and night  throughout your stay.

Organic Farming

Plant foods have the a wholeness and integrity that is more than just a collection of proteins, minerals and vitamins found within them.—Gabriel Cousens, MD

Plant foods are considered to be the gift of nature. Because of their capacity to improve the health of an individual, this is also the “manna”, the bread of life.

At Terra Manna Resort, we provide natural foods. These are foods grown under natural conditions in fertile and organic soil. In the midst of the advancement of technology, Terra Manna Resort is sprouting an advocacy of learning to live a simple life with its abundance of whole natural foods. Our foods are free from pesticides and  provide huge amounts of nutrients because they are eaten in their natural state. Natural foods also contain enzymes and other factors that the body needs for better digestion and assimilation of these foods.


We want every individual who visits our place to take home the essence of Terra Manna. As you walk around and enjoy the surroundings, take a glimpse at our organic farm, then taste the results with an elegantly prepared fresh meal.


Terra Manna is built to bring the luxury of nature rather than artificial structures. We reward our guests with what Badian has to offer in terms of spectacular sites and natural wonders to immerse in. Guests at Terra Manna have the opportunity to explore the dynamic marine life through scuba diving or snorkeling. There’s Kawasan Falls to lavish one’s self in the soothing and cool sensation of its cascading waters. There are the sea, the mountains and the rainforest. Explore all of nature’s wonders here.


Kawasan Falls is dubbed as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. It is only thirty minutes away from Terra Manna.



Propelled by “wisdom with a heart” and an advocacy for nature, the owners set foot at the virgin landscape of Lambug Badian.  A blissful scenery where the real beauty of a place can be explored was envisioned. A sleeping beauty in the place was seen. As a couple who share the same vibe, vision, and mission, they decided that the time had come to awaken the sleeping beauty and rekindle her charm. Thus, the creation of Terra Manna came into being. With skill, experience and wisdom in farming, they ventured to bring out the best in the land while promoting beauty, health and good life.


Lantawan at sunset. One of the many rewards at Terra Manna.

Literally, TERRA in Latin means “Earth” and MANNA means “bread from heaven”. In every place, there is an innate goodness. Explore, cultivate, nourish and an abundance of great things will come out. Nourishing our mother Earth is a great means for living a healthy, sustainable and simpler life.


Terra Manna’s facilities offer camping as well as special functions such as weddings and corporate activities. Electrical outlets are strategically located at the camping site for mobile phone charging or for mobile computing and are plentiful in all of the cottages.

For campers, communal bathrooms are within range and a self-service canteen is open during business hours for a quick snack or to request short orders. Our business center has long distance and fax services as well internet service. Wireless service is available throughout the property.

For weddings and special occassions, banquet tables and chairs, canopies, food warmers, outdoor lighting, and audio video equipment can be provided.

A two-story lodge equipped wtih accessories and utilities is also provided for bridesmaids or couple who wish to stay for a night or two before or ater their wedding.

Honeymooners may try our love’s Octagon Villa for a more intimate and private sojourn.